Tango Cheltenham

Dancing Argentine Tango in the Cheltenham area

The people at Tango Cheltenham

Tango Cheltenham is run by Janet and Adrian, who run the classes on Tuesdays. The first person you are likely to meet on your arrival is Jenny. If you are a beginner, you will be taught by Janet and one of her team of helpers - Susie, Fiona, Holly or Jolanta. Once you move up to the improvers, you will be taught by Adrian and Jenny. The intermediate class is then taught by Janet and Adrian.

You can find more information about other classes that Janet runs on her Tango Experience web site.

You can find more information about other classes that Jolanta and Adrian run on their Tango Poema web site.

Adrian Barsby

Adrian Barsby

Adrian's first experience of dancing was improvising to his dad's record collection as a child, but his first attempt at formal dancing was a small amount of ballroom dancing in Oxford in the mid 90s. He first danced Argentine tango at Gloucester with Jan and Laurie in 2000 for about a year. He then had a long break but came back to it in November, 2003 where he learned with Teresa Thornber-Mann and John Gush. Here, he and Janet first met. He also made regular trips to Oxford to learn with Leroy Tango Cat and Birmingham to learn with Juan Manual Acosta, Kicca Tommasi and Giraldo Escobar. He dances at classes and milongas regularly in the UK. He also attends workshops and festivals whenever he gets the opportunity. In 2006, he attended the Lisbon Tango Festival where he was lucky enough to be taught by some of the best Argentine teachers. In August, September and October 2006 he visited Buenos Aires and took classes there as well as dancing at numerous milongas. He attended the 5th World Tango Festival in October 2006.

When not teaching tango, he is a maths teacher in Malvern. He also designs and maintains web sites, including this one. See getWEBpresence for more information.

Janet Earl

Janet and Claus

Janet has always loved music and dancing, she started swing in 1995 and still enjoys lindy hop, balboa, jive and salsa. She became addicted to tango in 2003.

She has attended regular classes with the Tiempo De Tango dancers Juan Manuel Acosta (TangoX2), Kicca Tommasi (Take That) and Giraldo Escobar (Corientes in London). She has also travelled around Europe to attend workshops in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Greece. She has been taught different styles by some of the finest Tango dancers in the world such as: Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé, Gabriel Missé and Alejandra Martiñan, Chicho Frumboli, Eugenia Parrilla, Damian Esell and Nancy Louzan, Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores.

Janet regularly performs tango around Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.

Jenny Simmonds


Jenny has always loved dancing and revisited jive and lindy hop from 2000. She found balboa in 2003 (the highlight of which was going to The Balboa Rendezvous, USA, in 2005) and does a little salsa. She was introduced to tango at the end of 2004 and is currently trying to master the dance. She is the Tango Cheltenham greeter 'on the door' and helps Adrian with the improver classes each week.