Tango Cheltenham

Dancing Argentine Tango in the Cheltenham area

Improver Syllabus

We run a series of improver classes which is roughly twelve to fifteen weeks in length and follows the school terms. We would usually expect that you have copmpleted the full beginner course before joining the improver class. If you have attended most of the beginner course or danced elsewhere, please speak to us first before joining the improvers.

For class times and details, please see the Classes page.
The improver syllabus looks currently something like this, but is flexible at the whim of the teacher and is also under development so is subject to change at any time.

Week 1

  • Recap of basic leading
  • The details of walking including changes of pace

Week 2

  • Recap of ocho and ocho atras. Varying ways in and out.
  • Posture and leads.

Week 3

  • La media luna.
  • Dissociation.

Week 4

  • Introduction to the giro.
  • Steps, dissociation and the leads.

Week 5

  • Playing with the feet.

Week 6

  • Sacadas.

Week 7

  • Milonga. A recap of the basics and valdosa.

Week 8

  • Controlling your own balance.
  • How not to disrupt your partner's balance.

Week 9

  • Relaxed leg for the ladies.
  • Boleos.

Week 10

  • Milonga - the double side-step.

Week 11

  • Relaxed leg for the ladies.
  • Ganchos.

Week 12

  • Giros con sacadas y ganchos.